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"I was born and lived in England until graduation from the University of Manchester when I took part in the Tall Ships Race. It took me to Norway where I lived and worked for the next two years before moving on to Madrid where I realised my passion lay in teaching languages and set up my language academy in 2012.


I loved discovering new ways of teaching and inspiring my students to learn. To my surprise, I found the online learning experience dull, so in 2014, I set out to create a fun and interactive level of online courses never seen before. Our aim is to make learning languages online faster than traditional methods and accessible to all. It will be focused around the experience of using the product, meaning it must be user friendly, have effective methodology and look appealing."


Richard Allum · Founder, LevelApp


Make learning languages effective

Our objective is to change the way we learn and challenge the system of language learning. We do this by using the skills that we all possess that make us, as humans such great learners, the same innate skills that allow us to master our native language. We harness those same skills and use them to learn a second language and as a result deistically reduce the time taken to learn a second language.


Give you the best learning experience possible

Our objecive is to put put this powerful learning app complete with our FlowZone™ method in your hands to give you the tools to learn a second language. It is underpinned by our research as academics, our experience as teachers and as language students ourselves.


Honesty and Respect

Honesty with the student, your efforts in learning will be rewarded.

Respect for your effort, your progress is measurable.

Our Team Our Strength