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Our intensive language immersion courses are designed to completely immerse you in English.


See it, read it, watch it, hear it, feel it.


The more ways English goes in, the more chance you have of assimilating it. Soon you'll be thinking and responding in English.


Whenever, wherever you want

When you practice little and often it triggers a three stage process in the brain:


Stage one - Absorption 

You study intensely in short 10 minute bursts over a period of time, this works better in practice than longer study periods.


Stage two - Rest

Your brain uses the time in between learning to subconsciously process and assimilate new information, this is vital.


Stage three - Retention

The information is passed from short-term memory to long-term memory.


Our exercises are designed to be done in 10 minute intensive sprints so it can fit around your timetable and our app is available on mobile, tablet and computer. 


Enhanced learning through instant feedback

You learn much faster when you have immediate feedback - the instant you make a mistake.


In class, you can spend 5 minutes or more doing an exercise wrongly, thereby reinforcing the mistake. Now with our app, we correct you immediately so you never reinforce a mistake.


Learn by doing

Human beings are amazing at discovering patterns. We tap into that innate ability in order to develop our methodology. You remember information longer when you discover it for yourself. You also engage actively with the subject which has the added advantage of motivating you, promoting independence and developing problem-solving skills.


Build upon strong foundations

When you fully master a level, you then build upon those strong foundations. Sometimes in group learning, the class moves on together without everyone mastering that level, making it difficult to learn more.


Our methodology focuses on you as an individual. We design our courses so you have a complete understanding of the subject.