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Frequently asked questions

What is LevelApp?

LevelApp is an online language learning application specifically designed from the ground up to make learning languages effective and engaging.

What is FlowZone?

FlowZone is how we learn effectively and engagingly. It’s our methodology. We looked at the best ways of learning language, what’s does the science say and what does our experience as teachers and learners of second languages to come up with a method that makes learning languages using the FlowZone method effective and engaging. You can find out more here.

LevelApp is awesome! How do I leave a review?

We love to hear from you, please leave a review here.

What is the First Certificate Exam?

The Cambridge English: First (FCE) is an English language exam for learners of English that certifies you have a sufficient level to live and work in a English speaking country. The exam tests British English and answers given in American English will be marked as incorrect. The FCE is accepted by many schools, universities and businesses worldwide. You can do the exam at official examination centres or online. You can find out more information on the Cambridge English website here.

How does LevelApp prepare me for the First Certificate Exam?

LevelApp is a learning application that prepares you for the the First Certificate Exam. We teach through a combination of an effective and engaging methodology we developed called FlowZone. The course written by the same people who write the First Certificate Exam. You have access any time any place to the exercises and practice papers from your mobile, tablet or computer. You can learn more about our methodology or course here and by signing up to our free trial and seeing it for yourself.

What’s in the First Certificate Exam?

The exam has 4 papers each examining a different skill in english:
FCE Reading and Use of English Paper examines reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.
FCE Listening Paper examines listening skills. The accents are mostly british and some others, for a full list of accents please see our guide to the first certificate.
FCE Writing Paper examines your ability to write formally and informally in a coherent manner. You must be able to write pieces in a variety of situations e.g. a letter, a report, an essay etc
FCE Speaking examines you fluency of oral communication. You will speak with an examiner with a british accent and a partner who is also taking the exam. You will be randomly assigned a partner.
For a more information you can download our complete guide that contains everything you need to know on the day of the exam here. You can also refer to our First Certificate preparation course where you can also prepare for the exam and do practice papers, click here.

How many parts are in the First Certificate Exam?

The First Certificate Exam has 19 parts spread over 4 papers.
FCE Reading and Use of English Parts 1-7, Listening Parts 1-4, Writing Parts 1&2 and Speaking Parts 1-4. You can find out more information about each part and how to prepare for the First Certificate Exam here.

What is B2 level?

B2 means Upper Intermediate, the level means you can have a conversation and be able to understand most situations should you wish to live and work in an English speaking country. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) developed the system of measuring language levels in order to standardise language assessment levels and make them quantifiable. You can find out more information here.

How much does a preparation course cost First Certificate Exam?

This will depend on your level. If you are B2 level and want to take the exam you will most likely need a 30 hour intensive preparation course that will cost around 200€-300€ with a class average of 7 people. If your level is lower than B2 you will need to factor in the cost of improving your English level. As a example, a learner of English who wants to sit the First Certificate exam with a B1 level will need on average 120 hours of class time over the space of a year costing around 600€-800€ and then group classes to prepare for the exam. Private tutors will be more expensive but you will have more speaking time and classes specific to your needs. This mean you will improve faster. You can also prepare for the exam online with us, please click here for our latest prices.

How much does it cost to do the First Certificate Exam?

The First Certificate Exam costs roughly 190€, £145 or $220 (prices may vary depending on exam centre).

When can I take the First Certificate Exam?

Most people take the exam in December or June/July. It is also possible to do the exam at any other time of year but it is less common and availability of places may be limited. You can check the availability at you local exam centre by clicking here.

Where can I sit the First Certificate Exam?

You do the First Certificate Exam all over the world, click here to find your nearest exam centre and book an exam.

What is the total cost of the First Certificate?

The total cost of preparing for the First Certificate will be around 400€-500€ (190€ exam cost), £300-£450 (£145 exam cost), $450-$600 ($220 exam cost) for someone with a B2 level. You can also prepare online here.

How long does it take to prepare for the First Certificate Exam?

For B2 English level learners of English who want to take the First Certificate Exam can prepare for the First Certificate Exam with 30 hours class time and 50 hours self study time.

Where can I download free past exam papers for the First Certificate?

Download two free practice papers for the Cambridge First Certificate exam by clicking here or you can access our range of practice papers written by the authors of the Cambridge exam here.

What can I do with the First Certificate Qualification?

The First Certificate qualification means you have a level of English sufficient to live and work independently in an english speaking country. The level is also known as B2 (Upper Intermediate) a system of measuring language level by the CEFR.

What is the CEFR and what are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 english levels?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, commonly abbreviated to CEFR, CEF or CEFRL. Is an international guideline for language levels in order to standardise and quantify language skill level.
The levels are A1 (beginner) A2 (pre intermediate) B1 (intermediate) B2 (upper intermediate) C1 (advanced) C2 (proficient). In November 2001, a European Union Council Resolution recommended using the CEFR for language exams.

Does the First Certificate Expire?

Yes it does. Once you pass the First Certificate Exam and receive your qualification it lasts for 2 years. After which if you want another valid certificate you will have to retake the exam in the same way you did before by booking an exam at one of the official test centres.

How do I prepare for the First Certificate Exam?

You can prepare in classes, either in a group or one to one tuition or online. The advantages of learning online is that you can choose the classes you want to do when you do them and where you do them so the course if flexible to your schedule, the course is written the the writers of the First Certificate Exam paper and you will be listening to British english throughout the course. Find out more here.

Can I prepare on my own for the First Certificate?

If cost is an issue prepare on your own for the First Certificate Exam by doing our free exercises here.

Where can I use LevelApp?

LevelApp is currently available to use through your browser. You can use it in any location and even continue doing exercises even when you connection cuts out.

I want to work at LevelApp. How do I submit my CV?

Do you want to join our growing and exciting team at LevelApp? Please contact us here. With the subject line “Working at LevelApp”

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use LevelApp?

You must have an internet connection to use LevelApp however should you lose connection for a moment whilst doing an exercise you will still be able to do it. You will need a connection when you submit your results.

What data do we collect?

Very little. When you sign up, we take your email or you can login through Facebook and Google that is all. No credit card data is stored on our servers. Please see our privacy policy for full details.

How do I sign up?

It’s free to sign up to a LevelApp English course. You can sign up to the First Certificate Exam preparation course by clicking here.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account by logging in to LevelApp, go to settings and click cancel account.

How can I report a problem with the App?

If when using the app you find a broken link or something doesn’t work properly please email us here with the subject “I found an App problem”.

How can I report a problem with the website?

If you find an issue with the website, such as broken links, you can get in touch with us here with the subject “I found a website problem”.

How do I report a bug?

If you should find a bug when you use the program you can let us know here with the subject line “I found a bug”.

How do I suggest improvements to the course?

We love to hear from our users with information about how to make our program better for you. You can let us know how to improve LevelApp here with the subject line “Improvements to the app”.

How do I take a screenshot?

You can take a screenshot so you have the information for later. On a PC just click the button print screen and on a Mac click cmd + shift + 3 at the same time.

What is LevelApp for Schools?

LevelApp for Schools provides Online English Courses for children of school age (3-18 years). The online courses are available through your school or you can purchase them individually for self study here.