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Cambridge: First Certificate

Prepare for the exam with our interactive online course


See how easy it is to learn with our system


We guide you through the preparation, you will always have access to tips and expert explanations.

Anytime & Anywhere

Five minutes on the bus or five minutes waiting for a friend. Let the First Certificate in English course fit around you wherever you are. 

Save time

Practice a little every day with our intensive sessions. It's the most dynamic way of preparing for the First Certificate Exam (FCE).

Coming soon


Coming soon

Over 2 hours of listening, 385 questions and practice tests and tips


Over 2 hours of listening, 385 questions and practice tests and tips


Coming soon

Reading and Use of English

45 reading texts, 56 exercises, 28 practice exams and tips written by the authors of the First Certificate Exam paper


Evaluate and Improve your level

Practice for the First Certificate Exam under exam conditions to prepare yourself for the real thing.

Play against the clock

We recreate exam style conditions that train you to answer the questions within the time limit.

Automatic correction

Your exam results are available immediately for you to view and check.

Review your answers

You can review your answers, analyse your results and compare them with model answers. 

The FLOWZONE method

Learn by discovery

Every single person that can speak a language has the capability to learn a second language. At LevelApp we take this capability and we combine ith with our experience as teachers to develop a new way of learning - we call it the FlowZone™. 

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One more thing...


We have this as well

As teachers, we work with First Certificate Exam vocabulary everyday with our students. You will learn the essential vocabulary for the exam. There's no need to memorise long lists, we show you the vocabulary at spaced intervals so they stick in your mind.


For you grammar lovers

We show you the grammar you need to know at the appropriate time so there's no more looking through books, just click on the helpful grammar book icon and it will open up our complete grammar book for the Cambridge First Exam (FCE) on the correct page.